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21 “Background Noise” Shows That Are Perfect To Work, Scroll, Or Nap To

From Recently, Redditor u/fiwlfe asked other users the question: “What’s your favorite ‘background noise’ show?” As someone who ALWAYS has to have some sort of background noise on, I was ~intrigued~. Here are some of their answers! 5. The Joy of Painting“It’s what I put on YouTube when I wanna nap. It’s especially soothing when Bob Ross works on […]

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What does Bob Ross have in common with these famous public television personalities ?

From Bob Ross has joined Julia Childs and Mr. Rogers in the Smithsonian museums permanent collection. Eventually (soon?) a Bob Ross exhibit will be featured alongside these icons of public television. The oil landscapes housed at the company’s Herndon, Virginia, headquarters may not be available for purchase, but Bob Ross Inc. did just donate an […]

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Update from Comic-Con San Diego

The Bob Ross crew flexed their painterly muscles at the 2019 Comic-Con International: San Diego this past weekend at the Comic-Con Museum.  Certified Ross Instructors were dispatched to beautiful Balboa Park to conduct “Paint Like Bob Ross”  make-and-take art classes. Certified Ross Instructor Nic Hankins lead the classes with fellow instructors, Ted Simpson and Judy […]