Season 2 Episode 23

No Mistakes

An art teacher in Brooklyn becomes a Certified Ross Instructor and uses her classroom to cultivate a Bob Ross culture for her students and for the rest of the school, too.

Inside the Brooklyn charter school where CRI Lauren Pantos teaches art, I found myself thrust back into the past. Murals hanging on walls, bulletin boards, kids bounding down staircases. The smells, the noises. School seems so much smaller after you grow up. 

Watching little kids go 'oooh' at the sight of a mountain, paint watercolor trees, or laugh when Peapod gets into trouble was as educational as anything else I witnessed — a lesson Bob always teaches us, that wonder and imagination are what matters, not perfection.  

Lauren, her fellow educators, and especially her young students, showed me the power of practicing Bob's philosophy of 'No Mistakes' and the impact it can have on folks at any age.

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The Joy of Bob Ross: A Happy Little Podcast honors the late great television painter and his iconic public television program “The Joy of Painting”. Each episode features stories and interviews with folks from all walks of life who have been inspired by and connected to Bob Ross. Part technical, part whimsical, part spiritual, The Joy of Bob Ross takes a colorful look at how and why Bob brings us joy, with plenty of fun and nostalgia thrown in.

Recognized everywhere as one of the most iconic and memorable personalities on public television Bob Ross has taught, inspired and entertained millions of people around the country and around the world.

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We’ll talk to his friends and associates, the people that knew Bob best. We’ll talk to certified Ross instructors about the joy of painting they share with their students. You'll hear tips and tricks for Bob’s famous wet-on-wet technique. We’ll explore the Bob Ross pop culture phenomenon and the broad creative influence he had. And, we’ll talk to regular everyday people who share how Bob’s calming presence and endless positivity inspires them through trying times.

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