Fun and Games at Great Falls Elementary

From Great Falls’ The Connection newspaper Great Falls Elementary sixth graders enjoyed a morning of fun and games with the Bob Ross Foundation on May 22. Bob Ross, the artist and longtime host of the show “The Joy of Painting,”


Bob Ross Button Ups

From RSVLTS Bob Ross was a symbol of peace, love and happy little squirrels, trees, and mountains.  RSVLTS has teamed up with the Bob Ross Company for this special collection.  We invite you to peruse this collection peacefully and at your own pace.  We hope you enjoy! Shop Here  


Bob Ross Coffee Mugs

From PeachyApricot The Beat the Devil out of It mug is the latest addition to the PeachyApricot Bob Ross Collection. A line of cute and funny products focusing on Bob Ross’s positive views on life. PeachyApricot products are illustrated, designed and printed in house. Shop Here

Feature News

Happy Little 6th Grade Class

Last Wednesday Bob Ross Inc. packed up six original Bob Ross paintings, a special Bob Ross bingo set from Prime Party, and a bunch of Bob Ross themed prizes and headed out to a local school, Great Falls Elementary. Sixth grade students from the school and their teacher, Ms. Giroux, sent BRI an envelope stuffed […]

Feature News

Bob Ross at TwitchCon Europe

From Today the very first TwitchCon Europe kicked off in Berlin and at the Keynote our CEO, Emmett Shear took to the stage.

ASMR & Wellness

ASMR Facts: What Is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response?

You need some tingly ASMR facts you can fall asleep to. This phenomenon called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR)

ASMR & Wellness

Bob Ross: king of the tingles

Ever heard a careless whisper and had a tingly, non-sexual head orgasm? It’s the “Bob Ross effect”, or ASMR

About Bob

He’s recognized everywhere as one of the most iconic and memorable personalities on public television. With his gentle approach and homespun humor Bob Ross has taught, Inspired and entertained millions of people around the country and around the world.

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