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Move over Attenborough: why Bob Ross’s art lessons are TV’s ultimate stressbuster


It might sound unlikely, but The Joy of Painting – a kitsch, gentle show from the 80s which returns to TV this week – is the ultimate antidote to the trials of the modern world

Vice’s TV channel has always been a decidedly patchy thing to watch. For every truly brilliant show it has – Action Bronson’s F***, That’s Delicious remains a contender for the best food show going – there are dozens and dozens of tiresome hipster documentaries that can’t work out whether they’re supposed to be ironic or earnest, or how smart their audience is meant to be. What it really needs in its schedule is something completely dependable.

The good news is this isn’t far off. From today, the channel is airing two back-to-back episodes of The Joy of Painting daily. If you haven’t seen it, you might be wondering why a 30-year-old show about one man quietly painting one landscape after another in a black studio deserves so much attention. But if you have, you’ll know. The Joy of Painting was a very, very special television programme. It is something everybody needs in their lives.

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