Bob Ross helping prisoners plant trees at Michigan state parks

From The Detroit Free Press

A program that allows inmates to grow trees that eventually are planted in state parks is getting a new, high-profile partner: Bob Ross.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is teaming up with Bob Ross Inc. for the “Happy Little Trees” planting program, which will result in 1,000 trees planted in 21 state parks. The trees, including white cedar, paper birch, sugar maple and black cherry, are native to Michigan.

The late painter and TV personality was known for his landscapes and his legacy endures as a pop culture phenomenon.

“The Bob Ross Company is thrilled to partner with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to ensure every happy tree in Michigan state parks has a friend through the Happy Little Trees program,” Sarah Strohl, an executive assistant at Bob Ross Inc, said in a news release. “Like Bob often said, ‘There’s nothing wrong with making friends with nature.’”

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