Aviator Frames and a Happy Little Gold Chain

From GQ Magazine

In our ongoing exploration of under-appreciated style icons, this month we turn to The Joy of Paintinghost Bob Ross—with thoughts from RTH designer René Holguin.

It was a little by accident that I discovered Bob Ross—I don’t know who came first, Bob Ross or Elsa Klensch. Elsa Klensch was on CNN, and she would cover fashion. It was on Saturday mornings at 7:30, so I would wake up just to watch that. I don’t know if Bob Ross was on after that or whatever, but it was like, “Okay. I’m awake now. I’m not going to go back to sleep.” And so I would start flipping channels, and I would land on PBS and just kind of be mesmerized. Like, “Oh! What is going on here?”
There was a very therapeutic quality, because he was soft-spoken. He was very methodical and thoughtful and organized. There was a gentleness to him. I liked the fact that everything was organized and tidy. But he also made me realize that some mistakes are okay—or how to solve a mistake. And that there’s perfection in imperfection, which later I learned as wabi sabi. But he kind of just said, “It’s okay. Be free. Have fun and give things a try.”

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  1. I am so sorry that Bob Ross legacy has been clouded by greedy people who changed the last wishes of Bob Ross. So sad his Son, Steve, had to go through this for many years. He is a fine young man and does not deserve the treatment that has plagued him. I am so sorry. Bob was my hero. This would be a better world if more people were kind and caring.

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