Bob Ross Party Game

From Big G Creative

“We don’t make mistakes…just happy little accidents.” Happy Little Accidents is the game where your mistakes become your masterpieces! Celebrate your creativity in this positive party game inspired by the wisdom of legendary painter Bob Ross. You will surprise yourself by transforming abstract shapes and squiggles into charming pieces of art. Then share your clever doodles and award points to other players for their inspired creations.

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  1. We just watched the documentary on Bob Ross ‘s life and death. If you disagree with the comments why did you not come and make your selves known and understood? I found it odd that your ads refer to him as if he were still living., Your cunning ways cheated a man and his loving son out of the honor and income they should have been given had you not been so greedy. Of course your contract was legally binding but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t give his son a share. When money is the only thing there’s never enough.! We were going to purchase Christmas gifts from this sight because so many in our family enjoy Mr.Ross, or are already doing some painting . However at this point I think we’ll see what else is available. Mal il soit que mal il pense .

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