TwitchCon 2019 Report: The Bob Ross Paint-Along

From Voice of San Diego

The sold-out TwitchCon brought scores of streamers, fans and vendors to town this weekend. No attendance figures are posted yet, but it was hopping.

The Twitch user convention introduced the streaming platform’s slightly updated look (a brighter purple, additional splashes of color), held several contests with major prizes (including a recording contract), offered tabletop games, karaoke and the chance to scope brand new products, tech, features and games.

There was also a full slate of panels, live streams, charity platforms like Tiltify, the official concert including Blink-182 (with a last-minute cancelation from Lil Nas X) and lots of unofficial parties. A lot of cosplay, too, but mostly just purple accessories. Besides, if I barely recognized any of the characters at Comic-Con, TwitchCon was next-level obscurity.

Except for Bob Ross.

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