Bob Ross at sea

The USS George HW Bush Naval Ship decided on a little rest and relaxation at sea, and how better than with a genuine Bob Ross painting class – the ship’s MWR Team (that’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation) recommended that the craft “decompress and paint some happy little trees” with Certified Bob Ross Instructor Ted Simpson CRI at the helm (virtually). As always, thank you for your service sailors, and happy painting! #Avengers #HappyLittleTrees #FreedomAtWork
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From our CRI® Ted Simpson

The series of videos that I created aims to teach the sailors on the USS H.W. Bush how to paint like Bob Ross.  Instead of just a one time, in person class, they wanted videos that they can use again and again to all service personnel who want to take a break between their duties.

In these videos, I provided step-by-step instructions and guidance while also providing tips and tricks to help them get the most out of their painting experience.  I spent several days recording and editing the videos myself in my home studio. It took a few attempts to not flub my words!  Bob made that look easy too.

Painting has been shown to have therapeutic benefits and can help relieve stress and anxiety. By learning to paint like Bob Ross, I hope to bring some of his calming influence and creative spirit to the lives of the members of the Navy. Whether they are on deployment or stationed at home, I believe that these videos will provide a welcome distraction and help bring joy and fulfillment to their lives.