Self-Painting Bob Ross Mug Reveals a Hidden “Happy Painting” As It Heats Up

From Mymodernmet.com

Painter and pop culture icon Bob Ross believed that “there’s an artist hidden at the bottom of every single one of us.” Through The Joy of Painting, an instructional painting program, Ross made it his mission to acquaint amateur and aspiring artists with their inner creatives. Seemingly inspired by this concept, the Unemployed Philosophers Guild has crafted a quirky Bob Ross mug that reveals its own secret surprise—no paintbrush required.

This clever color-changing mug captures Ross’ ability to transform a blank canvas into a beautiful masterpiece. When empty, the ceramic cup is adorned with only a portrait of Ross set against a stark black backdrop. Fill it with a warm drink, however, and watch the magic happen as a stunning landscape painting appears right before your eyes.

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