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11 Iconic Movie and TV Show Scenes That Double as Unintentional ASMR


Keyboards click continuously under the typing fingers of an office. A diva with a sunrise yellow manicure taps their nails like spider legs from pinkie to index finger. A virgo doing origami folds a piece of paper, and with one quick motion, they smooth the crease between their fingers. Sounds like these are what we think of when we think of ASMR, but that sound is different for everyone, and often comes from a different place.

ASMR-inducing sounds can be found everywhere, as well as in some of your favorite movies and TV shows, so we went in search of these moments of unintentional ASMR to share for your listening pleasure. As an added bonus, you can click the links in each description of the videos ahead to find more of whatever ASMR-inducing sounds you hear in the clips.

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