A Bob Ross painting in ‘Minecraft’?



Someone made a Bob Ross painting in ‘Minecraft’ and it’s absolutely delightful.

Bob Ross is an absolute legend and his art can be celebrated in many different ways.

Some talented painters challenge themselves to recreate his work, while others simply watch his painting videos to unwind. But a few special minds, like YouTuber SmallishBeans, take Bob Ross paintings to the next level.

SmallishBeans recently set out to recreate one of the famous artist’s pieces using Minecraft blocks, and guess what? It worked!

Using the game’s creative mode, SmallishBeans started by building a massive frame for his digital painting. Then, he went on the make the mountains, snow, a lake, trees, and more.

Though it’s unclear which mods SmallishBeans used specifically to recreate the painting, he did have some help. In some instances he can be seen quickly placing (and replacing) large chunks of blocks quickly — the work of a mod — and in others he places and adjusts each individual block by hand uses basic Minecraft controls.

It’s also worth nothing that before SmallishBeans started building he logged in to a second account and positioned his second character in front of the frame so that he’d be able to see how his digital masterpiece looked in real time. (He even included a time lapse of its construction at the end.)

Overall, we think Bob Ross would be a huge fan of the Minecraft version of his art. How about you?

See the video here:

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