Bob Ross at Art Basel Miami:

Still inspiring people with his encouraging can-do message

Art Basel Miami, the international art fair hosting some 269 galleries from 29 countries was the scene of a giant “live-painted” outdoor mural featuring Americas favorite TV artist. Over 75,000 people attended the four-day Art Basel event many venturing out to the famous Wynwood Arts District to enjoy the Basel House Mural Festival where they were treated to live painting and unique art installations. And what a treat it was for those who were witness to the Bob Ross themed mural taking place before their eyes.

Over five long days Andaluz the Artist, a hip-hop inspired artist and designer from Long Island New York, worked to craft his personal tribute to Bob Ross. Andaluz, who has four other murals in the Wynwood Arts District had already included Bob in a previous mural in NY but wasn’t quite finished with his subject. “I’m a huge Bob Ross fan and I felt like it was the right time to make a mural of him.”  Much like Bob, Andaluz hopes to inspire people to start creating. “I want people to feel the joy of a creator finishing their masterpiece. Being that it’s hot in Miami I felt the need to make a cold northern lights theme to help people get through the hot days.”

Working with the blank side of a building, 15 feet high by 45 feet wide the artist used Montana 94 spray cans for the rendering of Bob and the northern lights and Behr exterior paint for the background. Employing Bob Ross painting techniques, large brushes and brooms were used to make the mountains and happy trees. Assisting Andaluz with those Bob Ross landscape techniques was Nic Hankins, Bob Ross Art Workshop and Gallery manager and Certified Teacher Trainer. “Andaluz graciously allowed me to be a part of this project with my focus being on the Bob Ross style landscape featured in the background. It took some creative thinking to scale up Bob’s methods to fit an outdoor wall, but I feel as though we pulled it off.” Nic has painted murals before, though admittedly much smaller. At the Bob Ross Workshop he teaches with smaller canvases the largest being 18” x 24”. “They all seem so tiny now.” says Nic.

Judging by the response they received from the people who watched them work there were many delighted fans.  Andaluz recalls, “So many people would beep their horns at us while we were painting as a sign of respect. Lots of people would say ‘Hey isn’t this that painting guy’ or ‘Happy trees’. Even if people didn’t remember his name they remembered his face and his hair”. Nic was also moved by the out pouring of love for Bob, “What a marvelous tribute to a gentle soul who so many of us never met but still consider a dear friend nonetheless.” And Nic reminds us that “Bob is now living on, in a new spot in Miami, doing just what I think he’d want the most; inspiring and exciting a whole new crop of happy little painters to pick up a paintbrush for the very first time.”